Easy Popup Style Marquees (Prices include Pegs for grass but Exclude Walls & Weights)

Our Easy popup style Marquees are very simple to setup and each takes about 10 minutes or so, No tools No assembly is required. Also, we teach you how to get them up at the time of pickup. They are compact and foldable and fit in most of the cars if the back seats fold down flat.

PRICES OF ALL ITEMS ARE BASED ON SELF PICKUP & RETURN. PRICE EXCLUDES DELIVERY, SETUP & RETURN. You can contact us to enquire about delivery costs to your location.

Colors: Our popup style marquees come in 2 colours: White and Blue

Sizes: Our popup style marquees come in 3 Sizes: 3x3m, 3×4.2m & 3x6m. The marquees can be connected to each other with gutters in between to cover bigger areas such as 3 x 7.2 m, 3 x 8.4 m, 3 x 10.2 m, 3 x 12 m, 3 x 15 m, 3 x 18 m, 4.2 x 6 m, 4.2 x 9 m, 6 x 6 m, 6 x 7.2 m, 6 x 9 m, 6 x 12 m, 6 x 15 m, 6 x 18 m and so on

Walls & Weights: SideWalls and backWalls are detachable and can be added to any sides of the setup as you require. (Check Sidewalls details in Marquee Walls & Weights Section.)    Pegs are free.  You can Marquee weights for hard floor placement of Marquees and for additional Stability. (Book weights  in Marquee Walls & Weights Section.)

Price: The prices exclude Sidewalls, additional weights, marquee lights etc. You can book those separately in the Marquee Accessories Section. Price also excludes delivery, setup & return.

Refundable Bond: A Refundable bond is to be paid at the time of pickup that gets refunded once the items are received back. ( Pls note that the refundable bond is subject to increment depending on the weather forecasts. )

IMPORTANT: Our popup style marquees are great to provide shelter in NORMAL weather conditions such as Normal rain & wind BUT being a temporary structure, just like other temporary structures, they are not meant to stand extreme weather, high wind, heavy rain or stormy conditions. For the safety of your guests and of the items, we strongly suggest not to use them in such cases. Also, we dont recommend them to stand upright overnight unattended.